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A Division of Tuned By Matrix ™ - GR Motorsports Inc.

GR Motorsports Inc. was founded in 1999 with the concept to bring you the latest, newest and hottest products such as L.E.D. tail lights, billet grilles, angel eye, CCFL headlights and custom fog lights. We also carry full line in chrome accessories for trucks and SUVs, like fender trims, door handles and side step bars.
TunedbyMatrix, Truck-Tek, Car-Tek, and TypeX Racing are the brand names well recognized by mayor distributors and enthusiast. We specializes in custom retail packaging for all our products which makes it easy for distribution sales and retail. We also implemented a complete drop ship service for mayor online retailers.
Check our website for all the newest products. We at Truck-Tek.com - GR Motorsports Inc. want to thank all our customers for their continuing support as we provide;

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

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Message from the President

Our goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers, because they define - and - judge the quality of our service. Only by ensuring Quality every step of the way can we fully satisfy our customers.

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our customers and become a valuable extension of their business.

Our strength, reliability and comprehensive services are major reasons why so many of our customer relationships have lasted, not just for years, but over a decade. If you're seeking reliable truck, SUV, Jeep and off-road accessories, distribution knowledge, diversified products, and responsive service, we invite you to call us. Then we invite you to stay for a lasting business relationship.


“I have been with GR Motorsports Inc. for over 16 years and can't complain about their prices and commitment for availability of products which makes my job a lot easier when I can tell my customers their car or truck will have the install completed on time.”

J.R. - Miami, FL

“Our business depends on great automotive products that work well while enhancing and personalizing the look of our customer's rides. As a local business we thank GR Motorsports for their continuing support in providing a good source for automotive accessories and a responsible approach toward customer satisfaction.”

Rafael - Phoenix, AR